Since 1840, we have developed over the years at DOURTHE a unique culture that can be defined as a special bond with the soil, teamwork, a love for the finer things and the quest for excellence. And over time, this culture has formed the foundations of a certain style – the DOURTHE signature style – which is now recognized as a benchmark for quality in Bordeaux.


Grape growers first and foremost, the eight estates making up Vignobles Dourthe have all been raised to the very heights of their respective appellations, while the continued success of Dourthe N°1 since its launch reflects its daring approach.

Dourthe_vins et Vignobles_Patrick-Jestin
Dourthe_Gamme produits

We adhere to an uncompromising quality policy for all our wines, which is reviewed and fine-tuned every year, and respectful of the environment and communities. The commitment to always exceed our limits is evident at every stage of the winemaking process, so that each and every one of our wines is a bench­mark of its kind, vintage after vintage.

Dourthe N°1 Rouge_BD

Dourthe N°1 Red

Born in 1988 from the meeting between Dourthe, the best oenologists and partner winegrowers, Dourthe N ° 1 quickly established itself as a true model of Grand Bordeaux. The selection of the best plots, the impeccable quality of the grapes and the maturing of one year in new French oak barrels for Dourthe N ° 1 Rouge give an exceptional result, acclaimed by the press and the professionals.

Chateau Belgrave_BD

Château Belgrave, Grand Cru Classé in 1855

Thanks to studies carried out on the property to understand the behavior of the vine according to the nature of the basement and its water supply, the team du Château Belgrave has acquired perfect knowledge of the vineyard. This great wine expresses all the finesse and personality of this great terroir. Dense and deep, it is distinguished by its aging capacity, its aromatic complexity and its very Saint-Julien character.

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